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President of the SRC, Rolihlahla Mabaso

To you, the first-year class of 2017, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Rhodes University. As new students, I can only imagine that you are filled with hope and dreams and are determined to having a successful journey to ultimately being fully equipped to go out into the world to make a real difference. As new students, you all arrive with varying histories and memories, which form and inform your experiences. As the Student Representative Council, our role is to ensure that your journey in the institution is a supported and seamless one.

You join the university at a time where many issues are being brought to light and scrutinized directly by the student body. You join the sector at a time where institutions of higher learning across the country are embarking on an important process of transformation. During your time, we hope that you will contribute to the transformation processes, concurrently, maintaining your academics.

Academics are the core reason why you are here, whilst you are enhancing your growth as young adult, it is important that you keep the academic project on track. This means that if you need help, you should always feel free to ask for it. The lecturers are easily accessible and are willing to help students. Tutors are there to provide more clarity on all content. Remember to make the right subject choice and combination. Interrogate the material you are provided with in your courses.

There are many resources available to assist: from intern counsellors, sisters at our Health Care Centre, Academic support staff and your Representative Council, a plethora of elected leaders equipped to offer guidance and assistance.

In  the  Residence  Structure,  the  Residence  Councillor, Oppidan Councillor, House Committees, Hall Senior Students and SRC Hall Representatives are there to offer representation and support.

The  Academic  Councillor  with  Class  Representatives and Faculty Representatives are there to offer Academic Support when needed.

The Secretary General with Student Defense Councillors are all tasked with assisting you with legal matters or matters concerned with the university rules.

The  Treasurer  and  Student  Benefits  and  Sponsorship Councillor are there to assist you when in financial need or need advice with fees and financial matters.

Societies,  Environmental,  Community  Engagement,  and Projects Manager are tasked to offer a suitable, enjoyable, oriented, engaging and balanced experienced.

For International students, the International Councillor is available to open platforms and forums for you to voice your concerns, comments and thoughts on how the SRC can ensure that you are always represented and your stay at Rhodes is well enjoyed.

The Activism and Transformation and Media Councillors are tasked with advancing student-driven activism and ensuring the student body is well informed on matters of transformation that not only affect them, but require their active presence and participation. After all, we co-create the world around – so help us build it.

I, along with the Vice President, are mandated to ensure that the SRC keeps to its vision(s) and missions(s) of representing the student body and being the platform for student driven action. We are a council which relies on the voice of the students for the council to function effectively. We have an open-door policy that will encourage students to communicate with any council member pertaining to any issue through the appropriate channels of communication.

This journey will indeed be the greatest experience you will embark on, you will be exposed to different experiences, different people and to many opportunities. The time to ask hard questions is now, the time to challenge the status quo is now, the time to get a qualification begins now, the time to make a big difference is now and the time to have fun begins now. Remember that your varsity years are what you make of them. I want to wish you all a successful journey and at every step of the way remember that your SRC is there for you.

“We face neither East nor West – We face Forward.” – Kwame Nkrumah.














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