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SRC Welcome message

It is with great pride and excitement that we, the2018 Student Representatve Council (SRC),welcomes you to the Rhodes University family.This is surely an excitng time for all, as we usher in a new generaton of leaders with ndless potental to build and shape this university in ways which still remain unimaginable to us.

If every student is to make their mark on Rhodes University then it is the role of the SRC to constantly ensure that students are equipped with adequate resources, support and platorms to do so. This year’s SRC wishes to foster in all first years a desire to lead and ensure that your talents are harnessed to make manifest of your abundant potental. With a council comprised of 9 women and an entrely female top 3, it is our wish to inspire in all students the desire to rise above systemic injustces and be the world changers they aspire be.

The SRC and its sub- structures, must be viewed as the first point of call for all ma????ers relatng to students. We are here to assist, represent and support students through their journey here at Rhodes. Ensuring Academic excellence, your main reason for coming to Rhodes, is central in the functoning of the SRC. This is done by identfying all impediments thereto and ensuring that said impediments are dealt with to ensure all students a fair chance at success.

The development of the South African university into a space of rife social justce actvism has beckoned that the SRC be a cite of struggle against injustce as well as a platorm for productve engagement. This engagement must be aimed towards encouraging students to shape this university into what they need it to be and furthering the transformaton imperatve.

As an SRC we cannot lead a student body we do not know. As such we look forward to spending the rest of this year acquaintng ourselves with who you are and urge that you all cling to your creatvity and dynamism, as we all have something to contribute to this insttuton and must view it as our duty to do so.

The SRC is not an ivory tower, made to tower above you. It is yours to shape, mould, inspire and recreate as you see fit.

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