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Philosophy 3 (2020)

Philosophy 3 (PHI 3)

Third-year, full-year course (60 credits at NQF level 7)

Entrance requirements: PHI 201 and PHI 202.

Course description: The course covers an advanced examination of some particular historical and contemporary debates. PHI 3 consists of four Papers, one of which is an Options Paper which is taught in small groups and focuses on developing philosophical writing skills.

Assessment: Continuous 50%; Summative 50%.

Supplementary exam: June/November result 45 – 49%


Term 1: African Philosophy (Uchenna Okeja)

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the central questions in African philosophy. Beginning with a consideration of the idea of a ‘useable past’, we will analyse questions about time, personhood, consensual politics, justification of moral norms and relevance of philosophy to the human condition in Africa. What is Africa to the world and itself? Rather than compare African philosophy to any other tradition of philosophy, we will attempt to consider it as a well-established tradition of philosophy. The overall aim is to expose participants in the course to ideas that will enable them rethink Africa in terms of agency and heritage of critical philosophy.

Term 2: Options (still to be determined)

Term 3: To be determined

Term 4: Options (to be determined)

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