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Congratulations Morgenie Pillay

Date Released: Fri, 1 May 2015 16:27 +0200

Morgenie Pillay graduates with a PhD in International Relations, April 2015. Her thesis on "A constructivist deconstruction of post-apartheid South Africa's trade negotiation strategies: The Politics of development and global value chains." looks at how existing negotiation theories are inadequate to explain development-centred trade negotiations between developing and developed countries.

It does this by analysing the Trade and Development Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) between South Africa and the European Union (EU). The thesis in looking at the agreement's inability to enhance South Africa's participation in global value chains, proposes different theoretical and analytical approaches to trade-led negotiations. Instead of a state-dominated process, the thesis proposes a multi-actor diplomacy approach in trade negotiations in order to achieve trade-led development outcomes. In doing so, the thesis suggests innovative theoretical departures.

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