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The department is happy for Visiting Lecturer Dr Fabio Diaz to teach a postgraduate course on “Civil Wars in Africa and beyond" in first term of 2016

Date Released: Sun, 14 February 2016 15:05 +0200

He has this to say about his work and interests: "I am a Colombian researcher with postgraduate training in Development Studies (with a particular focus on Conflict, Reconstruction and Human Security), also I have been trained as an Engineer (MSc in Engineering, BA in Industrial Engineering). As a researcher I believe that the combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies have the potential to drive policy making into informed choices for development and change. I am interested in: public policy, government, development, particularly the interplay between development and governance in conflict/ post-conflict scenarios. Currently I am researching on the interaction between protests and violence (civil war). If you want you can add a link to see what I write. https://eur.academia.edu/FABIOANDRESDIAZ"

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