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Graduation 2011

Date Released: Fri, 15 April 2011 15:02 +0200

On 8 April 2011 the Department of Political and International Studies hosted its annual graduation lunch for graduands and their parents or guardians, acknowledging the successful completion of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. The department honoured sixty-three recipients of the undergraduate

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Sciences degrees in Political and International Studies. At the post-graduate level the department also paid recognition to twenty-six Honours graduates, eleven Diploma graduates, two Masters Graduates Corinne Knowles and Eugenio Njoloma and one PhD recipient, Motlamelle Kapa.

Another special honour of the day was the handing over of the "Terence Beard Prize for the Best Undergraduate Student in Political and International Studies." The award goes to one student who obtains the top mark in Political and International Studies in their final third year mark. Named after Terence Beard the founding professor of the department and its head from 1960- 1991; this year's prize winner is Chantelle Malan. She is now an Honours student in the department.

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