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Leonhard Praeg and Siphokazi Magadla Present Ubuntu: Curating the Archive

Date Released: Thu, 12 June 2014 10:16 +0200

University of KwaZulu-Natal Press presents Ubuntu: Curating the Archive, edited by Leonhard Praeg and Siphokazi Magadla.

This collection of essays contextualises the discourse on Ubuntu within the wider historical framework of postcolonial attempts to re-articulate African humanism as a substantial philosophy and emancipatory ideology.

As such, the emergence of Ubuntu as a postcolonial philosophy is posited as both a function of and a critical response to Western modernity. The central question addressed in this book is: Was Ubuntu’s emancipatory potential confined to and perhaps exhausted by South Africa’s transition to democracy or does the notion of our ‘shared humanity’, as theorised in Ubuntu discourse, still have relevance for our urgent need to imagine South Africa’s post-nationalist and post-neoliberal future?

The contributions in this volume address this question from the perspective of a wide range of disciplines, including political philosophy, African history, gender studies, philosophy of law and cultural studies.

About the editors

Leonhard Praeg is associate professor and Siphokazi Magadla is a lecturer and PhD candidate, both in the Department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Contributors: Danielle Bowler, Ama Biney, Ezra Chitando, Drucilla Cornell, Katherine Furman, Lewis R Gordon, Ilze Keevy, Siphokazi Magadla, Leonhard Praeg, Mogobe B Ramose and Issa Shivji.

By Adele

Source: http://ukznpress.bookslive.co.za/blog/2014/06/11/leonhard-praeg-and-siphokazi-magadla-present-ubuntu-curating-the-archive/