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Postgraduate Degrees in the Department of Political and International Studies

Date Released: Tue, 18 September 2012 10:16 +0200

The Political and International Studies Department at Rhodes University offers a range of post-graduate study options at PhD, Masters, Honours and Diploma levels. Masters degrees are offered by course-work and thesis or by thesis only.

The Department encourages critical thinking about politics and society, nationally and internationally. We aim to produce graduates who will engage with unfolding debates – theoretical, practical and policy-directed – in a skilled and articulate fashion.

Our well published teaching staff have wide-ranging research interests in various aspects of Political and International Studies. The department attracts academic visitors on a regular basis, hosts an annual colloquium on ‘Thinking Africa’ and a week-long Teach-In and co-chairs a weekly Critical Seminar series in which postgraduates are encouraged to participate. In 2013 its Visiting Nelson Mandela Professor of International Relations is Professor Amitav Acharya from the American University, Washington D.C.

The Honours and Masters programmes in Political or International Studies offer courses which deal with issues and topics such as Understanding Domination, Social Movements, Identity, Global Governance, Peace and Conflict, Violence and Society, African Security and Development, Foreign Policy, Environmental Politics, Comparative Regionalism, Contemporary Economic Diplomacy, The Politics of Social Policy, Collective Action, Franz Fanon, Ubuntu, Biopower and Governmentality, The Politics of the Middle East, Community, Justice and Freedom, African

Political Economy and Qualitative Research Methodologies and Methods, amongst others.

The Diploma in International Studies (African Diplomacy and Peacekeeping) is a one year programme open to students with a first Degree, not necessarily in Politics or International Relations. Courses can include Peace and Conflict in Africa, African Security and Development, African Economic Relations, Contemporary Economic Diplomacy, Environmental Politics, Political Economy and Labour, Development Economics, Development Studies, Public International Law, Democratisation in Southern Africa, International Relations and Diplomacy in Africa and African Political Economy.

Postgraduate students are encouraged to apply for tutorships.

For more information please contact:

Departmental Administrator: O.Cumming@ru.ac.za Tel: +27 (46) 603 8356
Fax: + 27 (46) 622 4345

To apply:

Application forms can be downloaded from the Rhodes website at www.ru.ac.za
Direct inquiries to the Academic Administration: academicadmin@ru.ac.za

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