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The department is pleased to announce that Professor Steven Friedman is to teach a postgraduate course entitled:THE BROKEN BARGAIN? South Africa’s Contested New Order

Date Released: Sun, 14 February 2016 14:24 +0200

He writes:

"Two decades after South Africa’s much celebrated negotiated settlement, the bargain which ended formal minority rule is under severe stress. A variety of tension suggest that the compromise reached in the early 1990s failed to achieve the new social contract which it promised; it could be argued that the democratic order is now at a crossroads. This raises questions about the past, present and future of South African democracy. This course will address them by examining power and change in this country over the past two decades and their implications for our present and future."

This course happens in second semester. Get to know more at post-grad orientation this Friday, 12th February (contact l.mdluli@ru.ac.za for further details on orientation)."

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