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Cultures of teaching and learning

Can we find a language to describe our cultures of teaching and learning? How would we characterise the cultures of teaching that exist in the university? How are these experienced by lecturers of different kinds? Is there a dominant teaching culture and does this privilege some over others? What are the subordinated and marginalised cultures of teaching and learning and who is comforted/discomforted by these? How do subordinated teaching cultures interact with the dominant cultures of teaching in any particular space? Is it a matter of inducting people into the dominant culture so that they are better at doing that kind of teaching/learning or does that dominance culture need to be interrupted and unsettled in some way? If so how? By whom?


The construction of academic staff at research-intensive universities

A Meta-Analysis of Teaching and Learning at five Research-Intensive South African Universities

For more information about this project contact: Prof. Louise Vincent (l.vincent@ru.ac.za)

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