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First generation academics

This project takes the experiences of first generation academics as a prism through which to view gendered social, personal and political relations in the university. 'First generation’ academic women are those who are the first in their family to graduate with a university degree. As Jackson and Mazzei (2012, ix) point out, the experiences of first generation academics are largely unknown, as they are rather invisible and having had no prior scripts to read off, their perspectives offer a very particular vantage point from which to view the negotiation of marginality in the academy. The project explores first generation academics’ understanding and perception of their experiences of occupying a marginal space in the academy, given that they have had little in the way of prior experience, role models or access to the university context as cultural and social resources with which to negotiate marginality. The research is interested in what insights this particular layer of academics can provide into how the dominant institutional culture operates and how those considered marginal are positioned by that dominant culture. 


Joining the academic life

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