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Diploma in International Studies

Students reading for the Diploma in International Studies are required to take five courses.


SEMESTER ONE Diploma candidates must take

1.  Africa: Changing IR (Lecturer: Ms Yvonne Phyllis) and

2.  African Political Economy (Lecturer: Dr. Sally Matthews)


In SEMESTER TWO Diploma candidates must take:

1.  Africa and the New Wars (Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero) and

2.  Peace & Conflict in Africa (Visitors course: AAA / PSH / KA)           


A FIFTH COURSE must be selected from the Honours/Master’s options offered by the Department OR from the optional courses from outside the Department.

Please note: You need permission from the Head of Department to pursue a course outside the Department


SEMESTER ONE                                                

Generating Qualitative Data                                                                                     
Lecturer: Prof. Louise Vincent

Understanding Domination                                                                                                       
Lecturer: Dr Tony Fluxman                                                            

South Africa, Africa and the Global Politics of Human Rights
Lecturer: Dr Eduard Jordaan

Introduction to African Feminist Theory        
Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero                   

Africa: Changing IR                                                                        
Lecturer: Ms Yvonne Phyllis***                                              

African Political Economy                              
Lecturer: Dr. Sally Matthews

Democratic Theory                              
Lecturer: Professor Alexius Amtaika

Religion and International Relations                             
Lecturer: Professor Muhammed Haron***


Qualitative Data Analysis                                                                                    
Lecturer: Prof. Louise Vincent

Critical and Non-Western IR Theory
Lecturer: Professor Ahmed Salem*

The Politics of Collective Action
Lecturer: Dr Tony Fluxman 

Peace and Conflict in Africa        
Lecturers: (Visitors course: AAA / PSH / KA)

Africa and the New Wars
Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero                               

Democracy and the Politics of the Internet     
Lecturer:  Dr Araba Sey**

The Politics of Social Policy & Labour
Lecturer: Prof. Robert Van Niekerk**

South African Liberation Theories
Lecturer: Mr Thapelo Tselapedi

*Term 3 only

**Term 4 only

***Term 2 only

To be awarded a Diploma in International Studies students must pass at least four out of the five courses taken and achieve an overall aggregate pass of at least 50%.

Entrance Requirements
Students may register for the PDIS having obtained an undergraduate degree in any field with a good pass. Students who obtain an overall aggregated mark of at least 70% may be considered for admission into the Master's degree in Political and International Studies.

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