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Corporate Power

The course will examine questions such as the following.  How is political power exercised in a capitalist society?  What is the influence of corporations on the democratic process and public opinion? Is there a corporate power elite that operates in such a manner that the government tends to promote its interests above those of everyone else?  What is the connection between corporate power and questions concerning the justification of private property? What effects does corporate power have on the natural environment? Finally, what is the relationship between the market and democracy?  We shall examine these issues and others in an attempt to understand the tremendous power of big business in the contemporary era.  

It is expected that by the end of this course students should be able to be able to intelligently discuss the key theoretical questions concerning the market economy and its consequences for the operation of social and political power in today’s world.


Lecturer: Dr A. Fluxman

Period: Term 1 


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