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Research Guidelines

  • Every member of academic and research staff is expected to carry out research
  • The choice of research topic is usually at the discretion of the researcher
  • Interdisciplinary research is encouraged
  • For postgraduate studies the topic must be accepted by the supervisor and the board of the appropriate faculty
  • Applications for funding from statutory bodies require the topic to be acceptable to the university and the funding agency
  • Research is wasted unless it is published and communicated widely
  • Publication is normally in the form of a report, journal article, book, thesis, conference proceeding bearing in mind that journal articles in recognised journals and research book, chapter and refereed conference proceedings generate subsidy income for the University
  • Quality and quantity of products of research are used to judge a researcher
  • Personal rewards for research are awards, promotion, personal development and satisfaction, research students, research grants, travel grants, possible income generation

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