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Activities and Outputs

  • Document the advocacy interventions of MAP and RLP and research and discuss on their impact indicators. The AIP will analyse such information to identify generic trends, act as an internal peer reviewer, advise on information requirements, participate in quarterly M&E team meetings, and oversee the process for effective and rigorous quality control.
  • The AIP will also consider using material gathered and lessons learned to analyse systemic challenges that affect social accountability and provide recommendations aimed at improving social accountability work.
  • The AIP holds a bi-annual conference aimed at sparking debate among social accountability practitioners on improving their work These workshops will stimulate the creation of a network of social accountability stakeholders with a view to cultivating communities of practice.
  • The AIP, in collaboration with the RLP will facilitate the online learning community where relevant information produced by the programmes, partners and the other PSAM programmes can be accessed.
  • Annually produces  case studies which evaluate an advocacy intervention initiated by each of the PSAM’s other  programmes, PSAM’s partners and the general social accountability fraternity in Africa. These case studies will contribute towards a greater understanding of what works or not in social accountability in Africa, and recommend ways to improve social accountability in the global discourse.

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