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What impact does the RLP want to achieve?

  1. Demand-side actors will be equipped with a basic understanding of how socially accountable public resource management processes should operate. They should also have a simple basic set of tools with which to engage with the evidence produced through these processes to monitor and evaluate the likelihood of these processes to optimally deliver the required services. Finally, in certain cases, they should be able to monitor whether the service has been delivered to a standard that demonstrates the optimal use of public resources.
  2. The contextual determinants of the adaptability and applicability of tools developed by the PSAM will be tested to draw lessons on what works, under which circumstances and why. This will assist demand-side actors to better target their interventions and increase their chances of achieving their social change objectives.
  3. Demand-side actors will be increasingly aware of the value of documenting their contextual circumstances and experience in engaging with public resource management and service delivery issues. This is with a view to using this documentation to make progressive and sustainable improvements to their social change interventions.
  4. Demand-side actors will have better access to lessons learnt from social accountability interventions in different contexts to inform their work.
  5. An online network of social accountability stakeholders engaging with each other with a view to cultivating and improving a SAM community of practice. 

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