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Press Releases
  • Open letter with regard to governance and accountability failings in Makana Municipality that require provincial government intervention in accordance with section 139 of the Constitution. Download
  • PSAM-UPM Open Letter to the MEC, Mayor and Municipal Council regarding governance and accountability failings in Makana Municipality. Download
  • 2012/13 Auditor General’s report on Makana Municipality provides further evidence that a section 139(1) intervention by provincial government is urgently required. Download
  • Death and dying continues in the Eastern Cape. Download
  • The Eastern Cape Health Crisis Action Coalition (ECHCAC) mourns the death of Kwazi Mbatha. Download
  • The People's Alternative Budget Speech 2014. Download
  • PSAMs budget tips to Minister Pravin Gordhan as he prepares to deliver the 2014 Budget Speech. Download
  • Makana municipality releases most recent declarations of interests of councillors and senior municipal employees following access to information request by PSAM. Download
  • Eastern Cape Health Crisis Action Coalition Calls for Decisive and Urgent Action by Government and Traditional Leadership to Stop Annual Avoidable Circumcision Deaths and Mutilations. Download
  • Disclosure of information at an all-time low. Download
  • More press releases
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