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The Psychology Honours degree at Rhodes consists of four papers and a research report.  These various components are a mix of compulsory and electrive papers.  Of the four paper you will be required to complete, one is compulsory (Research Methodology) and three are elective options where you can choose to follow your own interests from within a range of available options.  Each theoretical course will have a pracical component as part of the course and the lecturer will inform you of the nature of the practical component  for their respective courses.  For example the statistical data analysis practical forms part of the Research Methodology Paper.  The research report component of the degree is also compulsory. 

The Organisational Psychology Honours programme is tailored to professional training and enabling graduates to pursue a career in Organisational Psychology by, or example, registering. 

Honours Admission Application Process:

The Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction (CSSR) programme offers two bursaries to black South African students (including people designated as Coloured, Indian and African by the Department of Labour) studying Psychology Honours. The amount of the bursary is R40 000 per annum. Successful applicants are expected to:

  • conduct their research project on a topic specified by the head of the CSSR;
  • ensure that they abide by the agreed upon timeline for the completion of various elements of their research;
  • provide research assistance work to the CSSR over and above the research project they are conducting (6 hours a week an academic year, to a maximum of 27 weeks).

Interested candidates need to write a covering letter and attach this to their Honours application form. The letter needs to specify why you are interested in the bursary and special skills you bring. Successful candidates will be informed by letter; however, the bursary will only be released once the National Research Foundation, which funds the CSSR, has approved the candidates’ nomination as a recipient of the bursary. For more information on the research programme, visit www.ru.ac.za/criticalstudies/

Applicants must complete a University Official Application Form and attach relevant information about their academic record. Application forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office by contacting the Student Bureau.  Applicants should send the completed application form to the Student Bureau (Registrar's Division), along with the application fee. The application forms will then be scanned and forwarded to the Psychology Department.

The Department will make a provisional decision regarding acceptance once the applications are processed and students will be notified shortly afterwards. This will take the form of "Accepted", "Waitlisted", or "Not accepted" The department is only able to make a final decision once the final mark in Psychology 3 is available. For this reason, most applicants are only finally accepted in mid-December, although we do try to provisionally accept students so that they can be in a better position to plan for the next year. Students who are provisionally accepted and then achieve a mark of below 65% for psychology 3 will lose their places in the programme. In December, the list of accepted students will be finalised and some students will be placed on a (new) waiting list. These students will be offered places in the programme if, for any reason, students on the final accepted list do not accept the offer of a place in the programme. The Psychology Department will contact the accepted and waitlisted students in December and inform them of the Department's decision. Unsuccessful candidates will be contacted by the Registrar's division at a later date to be informed of the status of their application.

Applications close 30 September.

Further information and assistance contact:

Gary Steele, Honours Course Co-ordinator
Telephone: 046 603 8504
E-mail: g.steele@ru.ac.za

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