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The Department of Psychology offers a range of courses embracing a wide curriculum representing major thrusts of contemporary psychology. The Department has a commitment to scholarship, academic freedom, dialogue, critical debate, academic rigour and enquiry, and integrity.

The department emphasises experiential, active and collaborative learning and a vision of research where theoretical and applied methods are highly valued. We offer the following courses:

  • Undergraduate courses in Psychology and Organisational Psychology which can be taken as part of the University’s BA, BSc, BSocSc and BCom degrees.

  • The Psychology Honours programme which has a broad-ranging curriculum which allows students to build a course which suits their future career aspirations

  • The Organisational Psychology Honours programme that offers foundations in Organisational Theory, Organisational Development, Research and Assessment.

  • Master’s in Clinical or Counselling Psychology that leads to registration with the Professional Board for Psychology as a Clinical Psychologist.

    Master's in Counselling Psychology that leads to registration with the Professional Board for Psychology as a Counselling Psychologist.

  • Master’s by thesis that allows students to explore a research topic in depth.

  • PhD

Introduction To Courses

A three-year major in Psychology or a two-year major in Organizational Psychology may be read for a degree in the Faculties of Humanities, Commerce and Science. Psychology I and II are compulsory credits for the BSocSc (SocWork) degree. One or two courses in Psychology or Organizational Psychology are allowed as credits for degree/diploma curricula in the Faculty of Law. Psychology I is a common first-year credit for students majoring in Psychology or Organizational Psychology. In the second year, students elect to continue either to Psychology II or Organizational Psychology II. A major in Psychology is recommended for students planning to become teachers or entering the helping professions with an emphasis on counselling or clinical work. It is also recommended for students with no clear career goals since it is also of value for those going to work in business or industry .

The Head of Department reserves the right to limit entry of students into Organizational Psychology II. Students who wish to continue from Psychology II to Organizational Psychology III or from Organizational Psychology II to Psychology III require permission from the Head of Department. This will not be automatic and in cases where permission is given, assignments will be set to enable students to cover the work they have missed.

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