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SA Reserve Bank Regulations

The Pro-forma Invoice template has been removed as the SA Reserve Bank requires all international examiners to issue the University with an invoice for professional services rendered. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Reserve Bank requirements/regulations in respect of invoices issued by External Examiners for professional services rendered:

  • Invoice must be printed on the claimant's own letterhead and not that of a third party (if he/she does not have an official letterhead, they may create their own containing all their information; name / address / telephone number / etc).
  • The invoice must be signed by the claimant.
  • The invoice must clearly state "Invoice" and must be dated.
  • The invoice must clearly state that the professional service they are invoicing for is for External Examiners Fee (they must please not change this wording to "external examination fee" or anything else - because just by changing the wording they are putting it in a completely different payment category that will require further documentation).
  • Invoice must be in English.
  • They must supply their full banking details as follows :

  European Countries -
Bank's full name & Bank address, IBAN number, BLZ/Sort Code number and Swift /BIC Code.

Bank's full name & Bank address, Routing/ABA/FED wire number, Account number & Swift/BIC Code.

  • Currency invoiced must be paid to a same currency bank account (eg. You can't pay Euro to a USD bank account and vice versa).
  • If their bank account can receive USD they can invoice in USD, but if not they will need to do a conversion to the currency that their bank account can receive and invoice us in that/their currency. (If their Bank account can receive USD and they are from outside USA - they must supply a Routing number otherwise client needs to state that no Routing number is needed to make USD payments to their country).

Please bear in mind that these Reserve Bank requirements are subject to change. They, the bank and Reserve Bank do not notify us in advance of any changes - only when we send in an application and there have been changes to the requirements for that type of payment - will they notify us accordingly.

Last Modified: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:58:25 SAST