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International Funding


Overseas collaborators and funding partners are constantly being sought. At present funding is obtained from organisations including the Mellon Foundation, Fulbright Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships Committee, DAAD, MacCarther Foundation, Claiborne/Ortenburg Foundation, International Institute for Environment and Development and Utrecht University as well as companies such as Zeneca, Wellcome, German Development Aid (GTZ/NARMAP), International Foundation for Science, Food and Agriculture organisation of the United States (FAO) and the French Government/IFREMER.


COS is the leading source of academic and research funding information on the World Wide Web. COS currently publish updated information about more than 15 000 grants from around the world and alert 80 000 researchers each week about these opportunities. COS invites you to use COS Funding Opportunities (http://fundingopps.cos.com). 


COPCA SOUTHERN AFRICA is the Foreign Trade Office of the Government of Catalonia, Spain. The Society is established for the promotion of the African cultural reality, assisted by the Catalan Department of Science and Technology.

The aim is to provide international access to information regarding scientific and technological issues. Members will be able to access various portals and research material relevant to the industry on a peer-to-peer basis, therefore this is a non-profit website aimed at stimulating exclusively the exchange of scientific knowledge.

COPCA is a non-profit organization; in no way involved in trading - import or export, and receives no commission for the services they render.

The link to the web portal on their website can be found at  www.jmnanswers.es

Further information regarding the link can be obtained from:

Jayshree Soni

COPCA Southern Africa

Government of Catalonia

Tel: +27 11 442 0335

Fax: +27 11 442 0401

Web: www.copca.com

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