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Specialised Equipment


All items of equipment listed below may only be used by arrangement with the staff member responsible for the instrument. Permission from the Head of Department must be obtained by members of other departments wishing to use any Chemistry equipment.



Atomic Adsorbtion Spectrometry: Varian AA1275 (flame) (Room F14)
Mass Spectometry: Finnigan Mat LCQ (Room G25)
Finnigan Mat GCQ (Room G25)
HP5890 GCMS (Room G25)
Electronic Spectroscopy: Varian Cary spectrometer UV-VIS (Room F11)
Varian Cary 500 Scan spectrometer (UV-VIS-NIR; reflectance cell) (Room S27)
Beckman 5240 (UV-VIS-NIR; reflectance cell) (Room S51)
Infra-red Spectroscopy: Perkin Elmer 2000 FTIR spectrometer (mid-ir, far-ir; DRIFT cell, TG-FTIR interface) (Room F11)
Perkin Elmer 180 spectrometer (Room S51)
NMR Spectroscopy: Bruker AMX 400 NMR spectrometer (Room G2)
Perkin Elmer R12 (60MHz) (Room F27)
Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Perkin Elmer 1000 spectrophotometer (Room F11)
Automatic Polarimeter: Perkin Elmer 141 (Room F22)


HPLC: 3x Spectrophysics isochrom LC pumps, Water R401 Differential refractometer (RI detector),
(Water R410Differential refractometer (RI detector), Spectrophysics UV detector, large range
of semi-prep. GLC columns. (Room S11)
GLC: Perkin Elmer 900 prep. gas chromatograph (Room F11), access to various chromatographs.


Thermal analysis system: Perkin-Elmer Delta series (DSC and TG -with FTIR interface) (Room F11)
Perkin-Elmer Delta series DTA (Room S72)
Perkin Elmer DSC2 (Room S72)


Voltametry: BAS CV 27 Cyclic Voltammogram (Room F26)
BAS CV 50 Cyclic Voltammogram (Room F26)
BAS CV 100 Cyclic Voltammogram (Room F26)


Silicon Graphics: Molecular Simulations (MSI) software (Room F28)
: Hyperchem 5 (various)


Autoclave (F22)
DNA synthesiser: Cruachem PS100 (Room F22)
Electrophoresis (Room T5)
Faraday balance (Room S51)
Vacuum oven + furnaces (Room S20)
X-ray generator: Seifert diffraction unit with powder and single crystal reciprical lattice
precession cameras, XRD PW 1349 diffractometer (Room F25 )


Cold room (Room F19 )
Darkrooms (also constant temperature) (Room S25, F13 )
Distillation, Spinning band distillation (Room F21 )
Hydrogenation laboratory (Room 414 )
Liquid nitrogen (Chemical Stores)
Overnight experiment (Room G19)
Ozoniser (Room G6 )
pH meter room (Room S19)


Videoconferencing Facilities

The Department offers research-oriented videoconferencing facilities. These facilities may be used by other departments. At all times we reserve the right to tape all proceedings or gather statistics for research purposes. We use a Polycom ViewStation with an Automatic Voice Tracking enabled Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. It is a single ISDN line unit.

We display to a Panasonic FX74 television set for small groups. For larger groups, we display using a Liesegang dv300 data projector. There are two incoming lines. The first is permanently connected to the equipment and that number must be used for dialling up on both channels.
Line 1: [+27] (0)46 622 2753 This line is for standard use..
Line 2: [+27] (0)46 622 2465 This line is used for research.

Technical Specifications

Algorithms Supported ITU-T H.320 (px64); H.323-ready
Video H.261, H.263
Communications Frame Structure H.221
Audio G.728, G.711
Frame Rate 15 FPS@128kbps
Transmission Speed 128kpbs
Network Interface ISDN Single BRI
Bookings are to be made through the Computer Science Technical Officer.


• Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Biotechnology, Rhodes University wishes to announce that the new ABI PRISM 3100 genetic analyzer was successfully installed...
• The ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyzer is a Rhodes University/NRF asset that will be used as part of a regional DNA sequencing service and resource.
• Our aim is to provide you withthe best possible results


Main items of equipment

JEOL JEM 1210 transmission EM
- state-of-the-art high performance TEM
JEOL JEM 100CX II transmission EM
- high performance TEM with STEM/SEM
JEOL JSM 840 scanning EM
- high performance SEM with cryoSEM
Winstor image processing and analysis
- modern digital imaging possibilities
RMC MT-7 ultramicrotome with CR-21 cryo
- state-of-the-art ultramicrotome with cryo
LKB UM III ultramicrotome
- good basic ultramicrotome for routine work
Olympus BX series photomicroscopes
- bright-field, phase, Nomarski & fluorescence
Full range of ancillary preparative equipment
- all that is needed for most biomedical EM

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