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Warden accommodation reports

At the beginning of 2009, a Warden's Flat Evaluation Team was established, to objectively evaluate the condition of every warden's flat on campus; using a set of criteria established by the Hall Wardens (who consulted their wardening staff), the Dean of Students, the Director: Residential Operations and the Director: Human Resources.

The team comprised:

  • Manager: Housekeeping Services
  • Residential Operations Admin Manager
  • Operations Manager: Estates
  • Draughtsperson: Estates
  • Manager: Building Maintenance

The outcome of this evaluation is reflected below (these results have been circulated to Hall Wardens in an email on 23 June 2009).

Wardens Flats Refurbishment

The sum of R300,000.00 has been set aside annually for the refurbishment of wardens flats. Flats at the bottom of the list will receive priority. As each flat is refurbished, it will be re-evaluated and its position on the list will be adjusted accordingly.

Wardens Flat Maintenance

The process mentioned above, deals with the refurbishment (re-carpeting, complete repainting, structural changes, etc) of wardens flats. Routine and/or emergency maintenance (e.g. burst or blocked plumbing, electrical faults, etc) will be dealt with through the normal requistion channels.


1. Accommodation Evaluation Summary: This report lists all warden’s flats, ranked best to worst. This report will give you some idea were the flats rank in relation to one another. It is important to note there is always ‘wiggle room’ in this sort of evaluation. If a particular flat scores 5% less or more than another flat (in the Total Weighting Rating % Score column) you will not find really much between them! What this does tell us is which accommodation needs attention first. The last 9 or 10 flats listed in the report need to be investigated further and action taken where and if possible. Dingemans, for example, is being upgraded at the moment.ResOpsSum

Warden Accommodation Evaluation Summary 2015

2. Criteria: This report lists the criteria which were used to make the flat assessment. The report also details the weightings used when calculating the weighted scores.


3. Accommodation Evaluation Detail: These reports (one for each Hall) detail each flat, ratings given for the various rooms/areas (criteria) and notes recorded for each room/area. These notes include reasons for the rating, defect notes and informational notes.

Allan Webb Evaluation detail

Drosdty Evaluation detail

Founders Evaluation detail

GRPGV evaluation detail

Hobson evaluation detail

Jan Smuts evaluation detail

Kimberley East evaluation detail

Kimberley West evaluation detail

Lillian Ngoyi evaluation detail

Nelson Mandela evaluation detail

Accommodation Evaluation Detail Nelson Mandela.pdf Oriel evaluation detail

St Mary evaluation detail

4. Accommodation Attention Report: These reports (one for each Hall) detail various room/area (criteria) that were rated as either “nonexistent or very poor”, “poor”, “unsatisfactory”, or “serviceable”. Effectively the report focuses on rooms/areas (criteria) that possibly need attention.

Allan Webb


Accommodation Attention Report Drostdy.pdf Founders



Jan Smuts

Kimberley East

Kimberley West

Accommodation Attention Report kimberley West.pdf Lillian Ngoyi

Nelson Mandela

Accommodation Attention Report Nelson Mandela.pdf Oriel

5. Poor Evaluation Criteria Listing: This report details rooms/areas (criteria) that are “nonexistent or very poor”, “poor”, or “unsatisfactory” for all flats. This report details what needs attention by room/area (criteria) – this report is really for ResOps and DoS. For example, which flat kitchens need attention across the whole of campus!

Poor evaluation criteria all halls


a. Distribute these reports to your Wardens and ask them to go through their flat’s Accommodation Evaluation Detail report.

b. Ask Wardens to report any material (‘of consequence’) errors or omissions on the Accommodation Evaluation Detail report to the Director: Residential Operations (Iain L'Ange). ResOps will make the necessary changes to the flat’s assessment and/or reassess the flat if necessary.

c. Go through your Accommodation Attention Report and discuss the report with your Wardens.

d. Raise the necessary Maintenance Request if the faults/defects are minor and can be correct through the normal maintenance system.

e. If a flat in your hall received a poor assessment (at or near the bottom of the Accommodation Evaluation Summary report), set up a meeting with Iain L’Ange and discuss upgrade options.

f. If you or your Wardens have any comments and/or suggestions about the Criteria (as detailed in the Criteria report) or the assessment process itself, please forward them to Iain L'Ange, for discussion with the Dean of Students and the Hall Wardens.

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