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A Silent Protest for Grahamstown

Every year Rhodes University holds what has come to be known as the Silent Protest—the largest anti-rape and sexual violence protest held in South Africa.

Bhisho starts probe into sex-for-jobs

Former ANC MPL and later education MEC Neela Hossain has been appointed to chair a team to probe the long-standing allegations of sex-for-jobs at the Bhisho legislature.

South Africa: British Paper Mangles SA Rape Statistics

An article about rape in South Africa published online by the British Telegraph newspaper was peppered with statistics. Closer investigation reveals that most of them are not backed up by research.

Showing solidarity heals

AS THE organiser of this year’s Silent Protest at Rhodes University, I read Dave Rankin’s letter to the editor (“Pointless protest”, DD August 7) with interest and empathy.

Experiencing a problem?

Experiencing a problem?

What to do in the case of...

Sign up for the Silent Protest

If you are a Rhodes staff member or a Rhodes student you can sign up to participate in the Silent Protest by registering for the course and filling in the (year-specific) form on RUConnected

If you live in Grahamstown (or are going to travel to Grahamstown for the protest) and are not a Rhodes staff member or a Rhodes student you can sign up here

Silent Protest Podcasts