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Mellon Focus Area

Andrew Mellon Research Focus Area

Professor Helliker, the Director of the Unit of Zimbabwean Studies, successfully applied to the Mellon Foundation for a Mellon Research Focus in the Faculty of Humanities at Rhodes University. He is very grateful for the Mellon support, which is for two years (2015 and 2016). The focus area is titled Zimbabwean History and Society.

For 2015, Professor Helliker has appointed the following students with bursaries:

  1. PhD – Jonathan Mafukidze, who is expected to complete his PhD next year;
  2. PhD – Takunda Chirau, who is expected to complete his PhD this year:
  3. Masters – Wadzanai Takawira, who is expected to complete her Masters next year; and
  4. Masters – Felix Tombindo, who is expected to complete his Masters next year.

All four students are Zimbabwean but one of the PhD theses is on South Africa, as Professor Helliker hopes that the Unit can provide much-needed comparative analyses of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Additionally, the Mellon funding has allowed for the appointment of a postdoctoral fellow for 2015 and 2016. Dr Luis Gimenez, whose speciality is ethnomusicology, is the Unit’s doctoral fellow.

Finally, the Mellon focus area provides funding for research and for teaching support for Professor Helliker, so that he can give more focused attention to the activities of the Unit.

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