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The Unit runs an intermittent “Rethinking Zimbabwe Seminar Series”. Since 2015, the following seminars have taken place:


Professor Dan Wylie, Department of English, Rhodes University. “Fiction and Zimbabwean land reform”. August 4th 2015

Professor Kirk Helliker, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University. “Does civil society exist in Zimbabwe?”. August 18th 2015

Shingi Mtero, Department of Politics. Rhodes University. “Vital threats to human security in southern Africa: the regional ramifications of the public health crisis in Zimbabwe. September 29th 2015

Professor Maurice Vambe, Department of English Studies, UNISA. “Problems of Representing the Zimbabwean War of Liberation in Mutusa’s ‘The Contact’, Samupindi’s ‘Pawns’ & Vera’s ‘The Stone Virgins’”. March 15th 2016.


Professor Kirk Helliker (Department of Sociology, Rhodes) and Dr Sandra Bhatasara (Department of Sociology, University of Zimbabwe). “A Comparative Understanding of the 2nd and 3rd Chimurenga Literature – the Contributions of Terence Ranger”. August 23rd 2016


Professor Lincoln Addison is from the Department of Anthropology, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. “Delegated Despotism: A Political Ecology of Tomatoes on the Limpopo River” August 30th 2016.

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