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Ms Babalwa Sishuta


B. Sishuta




                                                                                                  E-mail address: b.sishuta@ru.ac.za

                                                                                                  Office number: +27 (0)46 603 8359



Babalwa Sishuta (MSocSc(Rhodes) ; MA (Rhodes) 

Professional Associations

South African Sociological Association


Research Interests

Sociology of development

Environment and society

Rural development

Violence and crime

Higher Education


Teaching Areas

Environment and society

Sociology of deviance

Violence and crime

Land reform and agrarian studies


Supervision areas

Development studies

Rural development

Land reform and agrarian studies

Environmental issues

Higher education

Teaching and learning

Research Publications (Recent)

Sishuta, B. & Doyle, A. (2017). ‘South Africa: Control of Biodiversity in the Context of Biopiracy’ in Akpan, W. & Moyo, P. (eds). Revisiting environmental and natural resource questions in Sub-Saharan Africa.    Cambridge, UK:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Conference presentations and papers (South African Sociological Association)

Sishuta, B. & Macholowe, V. (2016). Reproducing under-development and unequal power relations: the paradox of rural areas in South Africa

Sishuta, B. & Doyle, A. (2014) Access and control of biodiversity in the context of biopiracy.

Sishuta, B. & Doyle, A. (2014) The relevance of Marx’s ecology: understanding biopiracy and sustainable livelihoods.

Sishuta, B. (2013) Academic support in higher education.

Sishuta, B. (2012) Post-graduate supervision in higher education: negotiating the boundaries?

Sishuta, B. & Jaricha, D. (2011) Institutional support programmes and student academic performance.

2009 - Not yet Uhuru: Long road to agricultural development in the former homelands.


Other Conference Presentations

(2015). (poster presentation) Resource rights, conflict and social justice: a case of pelargonium sidoides in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (World Social Sciences Forum, Durban, South Africa.

(2014). Resource access and conflict: pelargonium sidoides in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. (International Conference on Sustainable Development, Richardsbay, South Africa.




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