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Ms Claudia Martínez-Mullen

Degree in Sociology (University of Buenos Aires), Master in Social Science (UKZN – Summa cum laude), PhD at UKZN (finishing at the end of 2010)

: C.MartinezMullen@ru.ac.za

Trade Unions, Sociology of Work and Contemporary Sociological Theory.

Research Interests
Social and cultural consumption as social reproduction of the capitalist mode of production, ideology, culture and popular culture, power, and globalisation

I have nineteen years experience lecturing in Sociology, including at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and at the University of KwaZulu Natal. My main ideological approach is Marxism. I have been a political activist for the last thirty-five years, in both Argentina and South Africa. My main pursuits include: the struggle for the structural transformation of society and for an equal redistribution of wealth among the population; as well as political education and the possibility of institutional education for all.
Recent intellectual works:
Martinez-Mullen, Claudia (2009). ‘Socio-Cultural Practices of Football Spectators in South Africa and Argentina’. Paper presented as Final report for the Research Scholarship Joao Avelange, 2008, FIFA- CIES (Centre International d'Etude du Sport).
Martinez-Mullen, Claudia (2007). ‘Global Cultural Consumption and Aesthetic Choices of Clothing within Durban’ in Rob Pattman and Sultan Khan (Eds.) Undressing Durban. Durban: Madiba Publishers.

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