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Lorna Mququ


My name is Lorna Mququ. I hold a BA degree in communication science majoring in Journalism and Media studies.

I have worked as a volunteer in the student section, where I and colleagues promoted charity events like Casual Day by selling stickers, whose profits were donated to people living with disabilities.

I am currently working as a franchise agent for a leading insurance firm. I am interested in owning a media company one day where I would change the perception of how journalists are perceived as ‘vultures’ by many in our society. I want people to see journalism as a tool of communication between the community and the government.

I regard the PDMM as a tool that will open doors for me to start my own media company. I am particularly interested in doing research about how the women in management positions in the media industry are coping and keeping up with the pressures of managing while doing so much other work for their families. I am interested in researching how these women are dealing with these challenges.

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