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Research at SPI

Media in Africa is in an exciting and challenging phase of development. And we have talented, resourceful media leaders to shape its visions, values, goals and roles.

But there is an acute shortage of Africa-specific research-based information for media leaders to draw on in their pursuit of progress and sustainability.

Responding to the call for rigorous and systematic investigation that is relevant and useful across all tiers and spheres of media leadership and management in Africa, the SPI in 2005 launched its research division – the first of its kind on the continent. 

A guiding principle of the SPI is to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and collaboration.  So our research is designed to meet information needs as identified by media leaders, managers, experts and practitioners -- it is grounded in their experience and showcases their insights on challenges and solutions in an ever-changing media world.

If you have any comments on our research, or research ideas for our research team please send them to: SPI Director Francis Mdlongwa (f.mdlongwa@ru.ac.za).


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