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Archers prepare to break Guinness record

Date Released: Mon, 23 July 2012 16:17 +0200

Three Rhodes University Archery Club members are going to attempt something that no one in Grahamstown has done before. In fact, if they complete their task, they will have accomplished something that nobody in the world has done.

Lance Ho, Simon Naude and Marc Jacquet plan to break the Guinness World Record for a 30-hour archery shoot-out over 10 and 11 August. The shoot-out will start at 6am on the Friday morning and end at 6pm on Saturday. Besides the three students, current South African Recurve champion Terrence van Moerkerken, from Cape Town, will travel to Grahamstown to attempt breaking the world record.
The Guinness attempt will take place in the university's Alec Mullins Hall. Ettione Ferreira of the archery club said they hoped to hold the event outdoors, “but Grahamstown's weather is not very predictable so it would wear archers down too fast”.

The shoot-out will entail shooting three arrow ends (scoring arrows) at 18 metres. Archers will be allowed a five-minute break every hour. According to Ferreira, the club only recently opened the record attempt to other archers from around the country so they expect more participants to join closer to the time. A number of archers from Port Elizabeth are expected to participate for fun on the Saturday.

Ferreira also said they are planning a festive last few hours of the record attempt. People are welcome to join in for a fun shoot during the day, she said, while Grahamstonians are encouraged to support the archers going for the Guinness record. Grahamstown Pharmacy will provide massage oils, while former Rhodes archery club member Richard van Kerckhoven will provide massages during the event.

Gino's restaurant will also be among the local businesses sponsoring the event. Rhodes Music Radio will also be involved and Algoa FM, although they won't be at the event, will conduct an over-the-phone live interview.

Source: Grocott’s Mail