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Boat race a success

Date Released: Tue, 18 September 2012 11:00 +0200

The annual boat race event is the largest of its kind, providing sport competition, great fun and entertainment for students from eight universities in South Africa was declared an incident free event.

At any big event, safety is always of great concern. Therefore, Rhodes University, which is the main organiser has for the last two years strategically placed the event during the university September student holiday. “We chose to have it during the student vacation, because there would be less numbers making it easier for us to manage it,” says Head of Sport at Rhodes University, Mr Mandla Gagayi.

This year’s boat race also saw a beefing up of security, areas that were identified as crime hot-spots had permanent police patrol. There was also an increase of marshals and Rhodes’s very own Campus Protection Unit (CPU) on patrol. “We placed CPU so that if anything happens to Rhodes students, there will be some form of official accountability from the university,” says Mr Gagayi.

The volunteer marshals, on the other hand, consisted of students and non-students. The reason for that is that “students know each other and will let each other of the hook, but teaming them with non-students they are easily able to balance things out,” he says.

Last year boat race was also declared incident free by organisers.

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Photo and story by Bombi Mavundza

Photo: Head of Sport at Rhodes University, Mr Mandla Gagayi

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