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Heathens rule Rhodes rugby again

Date Released: Mon, 1 October 2012 15:02 +0200

Heathens successfully defended their title as Internal League champions after beating Dream Team 7-5 on Friday night on the Great Field.

The spirited crowd was entertained with two highly-contrasting halves of rugby, the first in which all the points were scored.

Dream Team took the lead in the first half with an unconverted try. Heathens matched this some minutes later with a try of their own.

Heathens' try was scored closer to the line of the posts, making the conversion attempt easier for the kicker. He slotted over which, handing the Heathens a 7-5 lead.

What the second half lacked in points, it made up in a display of rugby that was thrilling to the eye. The game opened up considerably and both teams had more opportunities to score.

The celebrations of the Heathens players after the match were emphatic, indicating just how much the victory meant to the team.

Soource: Oppidan Press online

By Denzil de Klerk

Photo: Cait Dominy