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Nyongo breaks 10km record

Date Released: Tue, 21 August 2012 14:59 +0200

By Faiza Mallick

The 10 kilometre run took place under a surprisingly hot winter sun. Forty six runners from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), Rhodes and Walter Sisulu University (WSU) took part.

Amos Nyongo from NMMU claimed the top spot in a record time of 34 minutes 12 seconds. He was very happy with the victory. “The guys from Rhodes run so fast, but I caught up,” he says.  

In second position was Anathi Jack from WSU, who finished a little over a minute behind Nyongo and Andrew Lowndes from Rhodes came third.

The first woman to cross the line was Natalie Ross, who was the third Rhodent and seventh over-all. Her time was 41 minutes and four seconds. Commenting about the race after finishing, she said “It was very nice but the hills were tough.”

Water was provided at a 3km and 6km interval, and cold drinks at the finish line. All runners received a water bottle and 25 received Cadbury slabs as gifts. Good cheer and many photographs followed as the runners celebrated their victory at the finish line.

There were 36 runners from Rhodes, eight from NMMU, and just two from WSU. More than half of NMMU’s runners were in the top half of the standings, while WSU claimed second  and 14th place. With more than 75% of the field coming from Rhodes, it is surprising that more of them did not finish higher up.

Sean Swanepoel, Chairman of the Athletics club and event co-ordinator, described the race as a “team event”: there were no individual prizes, but rather a R500 gift voucher for Albany Sports was given to a runner chosen at random.

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Photo: Nadege Benoit

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