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Rhodes Archery Club beats the cold and breaks world record

Date Released: Thu, 16 August 2012 08:59 +0200

GRAHAMSTOWN. - A new Guiness world record was set here by the Rhodes Archery Club last weekend, an improvement on the club's previous world record.

The archery club shot without a break from Friday morning at about 06.30 until 18.30 on Saturday evening. This, the longest archery marathon in history, lasted an exhausting 36 hours, and will be recorded in the 2014 Guiness Book of World Records.

It is an mprovement on the previous world record of 27 hours which was set five years ago by Michael Dames, also of the Rhodes Archery Club. This latest record, which required two years of detailed planning, was established in the Alec Mullins Sports Centre at Rhodes University.
According to Lance Ho, one of the six archers trying for the record, who comes originally from Johannesburg, it was particularly the cold weather at about 02.00 onSaturday morning which made their attempt at the record difficult.
"Standing for the whole time was the worst. I think it was more of a struggle with your head than a physical battle. It's easy to bluff your body, but your brain is another story," said Ho.
Only three of the original six archers kept on shooting until Saturday morning while the cold took its toll of the others.
"By that time, I was like a machine. All that I could do was lift the bow, shoot, retrieve the arrows and repeating everything all over again," said Ho.
Terrence van Moerkerken, originally from Cape Town and currently South Africa's number one Recurve archer, and Simon Naude, originally from Empangeni, were the other two archers who were able to stay the course and establish the new world record.
Only one name may be recorded as the official record holder, even though all three achieved the new record time. Fittingly, each of the three record archers got one chance to shoot at a hidden target on a board. The lucky winner of this shot was Naude.

This article appeared in Die BURGER (Eastern Cape) 15 August 2012, p.3

Ettione Ferreira

[Caption] Terrence van Moerkerken (left) and Lance Ho are two of t€he archers who set a new record for the Guiness Book of Records in Grahamstown this weekend. Photograph: ETTIONE FERREIRA