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Rhodes hot-shots win 19 medals

Date Released: Fri, 19 April 2013 16:59 +0200

The Rhodes University Rifle Club returned from the South African Target Rifle Association’s 68th Annual Small-Bore Championships in Bloemfontein with a total of 19 medals.

After certain legal issues prevented the club from opening in 2012, it is now back in full swing with a total of 23 competitive shooters.

Five of these members, Mart-Mari de Bruyn (B-class), Gary Scheepers (C-class), Valentine Gondo (D-class), Jessica Vercueil (D-class) and Hans van Zyl (D-class) held the club’s name high at the Small-Bore Championships.

The club returned from the Small-Bore Championships, held from 1 to 4 April, with seven gold, four silver and eight bronze medals.

De Bruyn and Vercueil also qualified for the Randle team, which includes the top 10 women shooters in the country.

Rhodes’ next competition will see them taking part in the upcoming Eastern Province Championships on 11 May, for which the club plans to enter nine members.

 Small-Bore Championship results:

  • Gary Scheepers – 1 gold, 5 bronze; personal best of 560/600
  • Hans van Zyl – 5 gold, 1 bronze
  • Jessica Vercueil – 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze; personal best of 546/600

Valentine Gondo - 1 bronze; personal best of 518/600.

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Source: Grocott's Mail