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Rhodes women rank third in Bay league

Date Released: Wed, 15 August 2012 09:59 +0200

THE Rhodes University women's soccer team came back smiling from the windy city on Sunday, having won their match that day and claiming third place in the ongoing Port Elizabeth Football Association (Pefa) League.


The team had been training especially hard recently and showed immense dedication to attending practices before last weekend's showdown against Port Elizabeth women's club St George's. At the St George's Sports Club fields the Rhodes women beat the home team 4-1, with goals being scored by Grahamstown local soccer star Nosifundo Mfabana, multitalented hockey and soccer player Jayd Williams and two points scored by Babalwa Resha.


"I am very proud of my girls, they played well," said the team's coach, Siyabonga Dumiso. According to Dumiso, the only strategy they had employed on Sunday was to use "offensive play" and the fact that the women were bonded by a sense of team spirit. It will be interesting to see how the Rhodes women fare in the upcoming FNB Intervarsity tournament to be hosted here from 17-18 August, but before then they will return to PE to play another Pefa match this weekend.

Story appeared in GROCOTT`S MAIL 14 Aug 2012, Page: 15