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Striving on for Football in Grahamstown

Date Released: Fri, 19 October 2012 17:02 +0200

The soccer scene in Grahamstown is not relatively as dominant as the rugby scene, although there are a few clubs and leagues which have fundamentally established themselves to form initiatives in developing soccer amongst the local youth. One such project aims at developing soccer amongst the youth to promote the support in Grahamstown this projects is the Sakhulutsha Soccer Development Project who on its website state that the academy.

 “Seeks to teach aid and correct youth in the age bracket nine to fifteen on the basic football techniques, skills and technical competencies to ensure they develop as quality soccer players and decent human beings.”

This project has aimed to develop kids since it first started out in 2004 it attempts to develop kids through soccer by which they hope will make them become better citizens in the community. The project is headed by Siyabonga Masinda whose academy offers the basic training skills for leagues and private skills training in soccer to ensure that the youth can effectively enjoy their football skills by perhaps aspiring to play on an international level but also to develop soccer being played on a social level.

The project caters for young soccer players ranging from the ages 9 to 15, and these are mostly school affiliated teams. Allesandro Anthony, a schoolboy himself, however claims that he has recently been part of a club which was founded by he’s brother after they were practicing or recreationally playing soccer on the Albany sports field which culminated in,

“The caretaker of Albany sports field has been looking to start soccer there and they have the goal posts there but no one ever showed up to actually play, so now they want to get a soccer club started again seeing that we are interested” said Allesandro.

So far, it has not been officiated yet, but they have had a few friendly matches against presently unknown to the Grahamstown Community teams such as Rovers and a team at Rhodes University (presumably one of the res houses soccer teams). The team Allesandro plays for would have originally been called Grahamstown United, but seeing that the club will be endorsed by The Albany Sports Club, the  team will be carrying the Albany sports club’s name as perhaps part of the endorsement deals which will soon be made.

The Sakhulutsha Soccer Development project will be participating in SAFA Northern Areas LFA tournament hosted in Port Elizabeth, and have also been responsible for organising number of other tournaments to encourage soccer on home soil. On its webpage the project also

“Promotes the participation of scholars in life skills and educational workshops as part of their overall development as rounded individuals beyond the sports field.”

The project has become relatively involved in the participation of school’s to help promote the concepts of life skills to those learners who take part in the soccer project. The academy also provides efficient coaching staffs who teach the necessary skills advocated by the development programme in helping the boys to develop to their full potential.

By Keanen Williams

Source: Grocott’s Mail