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The man behind “The Avengers Crew” success

Date Released: Mon, 17 September 2012 13:59 +0200

He may be young but there is nothing inexperienced about Rhodes University’s B team rowing coach Ryan MacNeil.  The 22 year old became the teams coach just over two months ago and has managed to lead his team to victory in the 2012 Boat races in Port Alfred.

MacNeil is an Economics Honors student and he began with helping out other coaches from the A crew who in turn gave him pointers and assistance when he became coach of the B crew.

Leading the ‘The Avengers Crew’ to victory was no small task, “This year the B crew trained as hard as the A crew and we have been practicing in the Kowie River a lot, so that has helped with our win,” he said.

Although his team had lost in the B division to the University of Pretoria or ‘The Tuks’ in 2011, he is pleased with the change in tide, “I am ecstatic with the team’s performance, because we struggled with the course during the race but we overcame that,” he says, “And I am glad we destroyed the Tuks this year!”

Unfortunately MacNeil is in his final year at Rhodes University, so he will not be coaching the team for the 2013 Boat race, “Although this is my last year,  I believe they will get someone to coach them so that they can win again in 2013 and take the title because Rhodes women rowing is on the rise,” he said.

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By Pamela Kyando

Photo by: Bombi Mavundza

Caption: Pamela Kyando interviews Rhodes University’s B team rowing coach, Ryan MacNeil in Port Alfred.