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Wellness week promotes balanced lifestyle

Date Released: Thu, 4 October 2012 10:01 +0200

Rhodes University's Wellness Week is under way until Friday 5 October and  initiative promotes an awareness of multiple spheres of student lifestyle.

Dr Colleen Vassiliou, manager of student wellness at the university, pointed out the importance of striking the right balance.

"Even though the core business of a student is to study and obtain a degree, attention should be given to all areas of functioning – physical;  mental;  social;  emotional and spiritual," said Dr Vassiliou.

"While everyone still agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, it does not mean that one is necessarily in a state of wellbeing," she added.

Wellness Week aims to shed light on the factors which would help students achieve optimum health as well as social and emotional functioning.

Thursday 4 October will focus on physical wellness, with a mass aerobics session scheduled to take place at the Steve Biko Lawns.

Meanwhile, a comedy show will be held at the Day Kaif on Friday 5 October in promotion of emotional wellness.

Source: The Oppidan Press

Caption: A balanced lifestyle is the ultimate aim. Pic: Student Wellness

Words by Zintle Ngubeni