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Women’s A crew confident ahead of Boat Race

Date Released: Wed, 12 September 2012 17:01 +0200

Tension is mounting as the best rowers from universities across South Africa prepare both physically and mentally for what is the biggest rowing event on the calendar: Boat Race.

Boat Race 2012 starts this Thursday, 13 September, on the Kowie River of Port Alfred.

A lot is expected from the women's A crew who have had an excellent year so far.

Although the past two years' results have not been fantastic for the women's A crew, having come fourth out of nine universities on both occasions, preparation this year has been on another level - a good one that is.

2012 has been an exceptional year in terms of turnout for the ladies. A high number of rowers have had a crack at guaranteeing their spot in either of the A or B crews. The result: two really strong crews.

According to the ladies' captain, Adele Street, the A crew's form this year has been phenomenal. She believes that through his hard work and dedication, coach Graham Allin has got the A crew to a level they have not been at since 2009.

"Our form this year has been exceptional and we are hoping to relive the Rhodes legacy by making the A final," she said.

According to Street there is not a single university which poses the biggest threat to the women's A crew this year, as she feels any crew is able to row really well on a given day.

The women's A crew:

Cox: Samantha Beukes
Stroke: Michelle Smit
7: Adele Street
6: Lauren Cowie
5: Tay Johnston
4: Kiara Watermeyer
3: Manon D'Unienville
2: Jaclyn Whelan
Bow: Jessica Harris

Coach: Graham Allin

By Denzil de Klerk.

Source: Oppidan Press

Picture source: Grocott’s Mail Online