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Career Development

Being involved in your staff’s career development is good for your team, department, section and the University.

Engaging with a staff member about career goals will allow for possible alignment between your team’s needs and the individual’s needs. Failing to do this may result in the person leaving for another job at Rhodes, or worse, leaving the institution. This does not guarantee retention of the staff member but lessens the risk of losing the person. Engaging with staff about career goals must be integral to the succession planning for your team, department, section.

Engaging with a staff member about career goals is more likely to keep your staff member motivated. This may help in retaining the individual at Rhodes. Helping the individual develop particular skills, may allow the person to contribute more within the team.

Being involved in your staff’s career development involves a selfless perspective where the good of the institution needs to be considered. The next step for one of your staff may involve them leaving your team, department/section.

Take pride in contributing to the development and advancement of these individuals.

You can help your staff member by:

  • Asking about career aspirations
  • Talking about his/her future in the team
  • Helping construct the development plan
  • Giving meaningful feedback
  • Facilitating access to training and development opportunities, on and off the job

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