The Entomobryid Springtails (Collembola: Entomobryidae) of South Africa

Compiled by Penelope Greenslade

CSIRO Division of Entomology, GPO Box 1700, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia

Terrestrial. Members are found in a wide range of habitats (leaf litter, on the soil, under bark, in caves).


  1. Genus: ENTOMOBRYA
    1. Entomobrya minima Brown 1926
      Recorded by Brown (1926)
      Umkomass, KwaZulu-Natal.

    2. Entomobrya decemfasciata Packard 1873
      Recorded by Womersely (1934)

    3. Entomobrya nivalis Linne 1758
      Recorded by Womersley (1934), Paclt (1967), Paclt (1959)
      Rondebosch, New jampver, Cape Prov, Free State,

    4. Entomobrya sp. (cf. nivalis L.)
      Recorded by Yosii (1959)
      Kloof Nek

    5. Entomobrya atrocincta Schött
      Recorded by Paclt (1967)

    6. Entomobrya multifasciata (Tullberg)
      Entomobrya nivalis var multifasciata Tullberg
      Recorded by Paclt (1967), Paclt (1959)
      Paarl, Waterkloof Farm, Upington, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Free State,.

    7. Entomobrya sp. (unidentified)
      Recorded by Paclt (1967)
      Gordons Bay. Somerset West.

  2. Genus: CAPBRYA Barra, 1999
    1. Capbrya marshalli Barra, 1999
      Eastern Cape (Hogsback, Amatola Mountains, 1600 in Themeda grassland)

  3. Genus: SINELLA
    1. Sinella coeca (Schött 1896)
      Recorded by Goto (1953).
      Cango Caves, nr Oudtshoorn, South Western Cape Province.

    1. Lepidocyrtus cyaneus Tullberg 1871.
      Recorded by Paclt (1959)
      Cape Prov, Drakensbergen, KwaZulu-Natal.

    2. Lepidocyrtus lanuginosus Tullberg 1788
      Recorded by Womersely (1934), Paclt (1967)
      Stellenbosch, Rondebosch, Cape Town, Sigal Hill French Hoek, Hout Bay, Kirstenbosch.
      According to Paclt (1959) these may be Lepidocyrtus ferrugineus Schött 1893

    3. Lepidocyrtus sp. cf. lanuginosus (Gmelin)
      Recorded by Paclt (1967) and Yosii (1959)
      Various localities in Cape Province, Table Mountain.

    1. Pseudosinella octopunctata Börner 1901.
      Recorded by Paclt (1959)
      Cape Peninsula, Free State

    2. Pseudosinella alba (Packard 1873)
      Recorded by Paclt (1959)
      Cape Peninsula Cape Point.

    3. Pseudosinella immaculata (Lie-Pettersen 1897)
      KwaZulu-Natal, Drakensbergen.

    1. Lepidokrugeria meyerae Coates 1969.
      Letaba Rivers, Kruger National Park, N237, TvL., dead leaves, 14.i.1964, T. J. Coates AcV64/94.
      Holotype, 3 paratypes, 30 other specimens (In Pretoria? Not listed by Ken Christiansen in 1996, nor is deposition given in Coates' paper).

  7. Genus: SEIRA
    Seira squamoornata (Scerbakov 1898) recorded by Paclt (1967) from S.A. is not considered by Yosii nor Coates (1968) to occur in the country. Neither Lepidocytinus incertus Handschin 1926 recorded by Womersely (1934) from Keurbooms River Estuary nor Lepidocyrtinus pseudocoeruleus (Denis 1924) recorded by Womersely (1934) from Kirstenbosch, French Hoek, Hout Bay, Signal Hill can be distinguished by Coates so must remain uncertain records. Pseudosira nyassica var pallens Börner 1908 and Pseudosira (Mesira) laeta Börner 1908, both recorded from South West Africa can not either now be ascertained as to what they are. The latter may be S. squamoornata according to Salmon 1956.
    1. Seira addoensis Coates 1968b
      Addo Elephant NP, Eastern Cape

    2. Seira anncla Coates 1968b
      Grahamstown district, Eastern Cape

    3. Seira annulicornis Börner 1903
      Lepidocyrtus (Lepidocyrtinus) annulicornis Börner 1903
      Lepidocyrtinus annulicornis Börner 1903
      Pseudosira (Mesira) annulicornis Börner 1903
      Seira (Lepidocyrtinus) annulicornis Börner 1903
      Recorded by Yosii (1959) who considered this species belonged in the subgenus Lepidocyrtinus.
      Table Mountain. Widesread in Transvaal and Free State,.

    4. Seira annulipes Handschin 1929
      Lepidocyrtus annulipes Handschin 1929
      Recorded by Womersley (1934)
      Inchanga natal, Keeromberg Worcester Mountains.

    5. Seira barnardi Womersley 1934
      Lepidocyrtinus cooperi var barnardi Womersley 1934
      Recorded by Paclt (1967) from Cape Province and Transvaal, Paclt (1959), Yosii (1959)
      Cape Town, Kirstenbosch.

    6. Seira capensis Womersley 1934
      Recorded by Paclt (1959), Yosii (1959)
      Matroosberg. Coates material from Tulbagh, Port Alfred, Citrusdal., Porcupine Buttress, Kloof Nek.
      Cotypes in the CTM

    7. Seira damerella Coates 1968b
      Poitsi, Letsitele, Phalaorwa, Nelspruit, Lowveldt

    8. Seira dayi Yosii 1959
      Lepidocyrtinus ( Lepidocyrtinus ) dayi Yosii 1959
      Table Mountain, Skeleton Gorge.

    9. Seira eleana Coates 1968b
      Bundu Inn Groblersdal Kruger NP.

    10. Seira flavovirens (Börner 1903)
      Lepidocyrtinus flavovirens Börner 1903
      Recorded by Womersley (1934), Yosii (1959)
      Porcupine Buttress, French Hoek, Matroosberg, Hout Bay.

    11. Lepidocyrtinus flavovirens var annulosa Wahlgren 1906
      Recorded by Womersley (1934)

    12. Seira grisea Womersley 1934
      Pseudosira grisea Womersley 1934
      Pseudosira grisea var annulata Womersley 1934
      Rosebank, Rondebosch, Kirstenbosch
      Cotypes in SAM

    13. Seira lindei Coates 1968b
      Moutain Zebra NP, Zuurerg, Addo Fort Beaufort, van stadens River, Heidelberg, Piekeniers Kloof

    14. Seira marephila Coates 1968b
      Harenbos, Storms River Mouth, Bontebok NP, East London and Mossel Bay.

    15. Seira mathewsi Coates 1968b
      Bontebok NP, Swellendam, Moutain Zebra NP, Joubertina, Grootvaderesosch.

    16. Seira metala Coates 1968b

    17. Seira metarsiosa Coates 1968b

    18. Seira munroi Paclt 1959
      Diamanthinum munroi Paclt 1959
      Recorded by Paclt (1967)
      Kalahari Gemsbok NP, Pretoria

    19. Seira nagatai Yosii 1959
      Recorded by Yosii
      Kloof Nek, Kirstenbosh, Skeleton Gorge. Cape Town.

    20. Seira rowani Yosii 1959
      Recorded by Coates 1968b, Yosii (1959)
      Secoast National Park, Table Mountain.

    21. Seira rykei Coates 1968b
      Robinson Pass, Grootvadersbosch, Suurbraak

    22. Seira tsikama Coates 1968b

    23. Seira vaneedeni Coates 1968b
      Oribi Gorge, Charters Creek, Mkuze, Park Rynie, KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Species inquirenda

  1. Entomobrya hexfasciata Harvey, 1896
    Recorded by Paclt (1959).
    Misidentification, probably Orchesella hexfasciata (Harvey,1896)

  2. Entomobrya maculata Schäffer 1896
    Entomobrya nivalis f. maculata Scäffer, 1896
    Recorded by Womersley (1934); Aberrant form.
    Stellenbosch, Rondebosch.

  3. Entomobrya sp. (cf. nivalis L.)
    Recorded by Yosii (1959).
    Females of young stage, exact identification is not possible.

  4. Lepidocyrtinus flavovirens v. annulosa Wahlgren, 1906
    Recorded by Womersley (1934)
    Species not listed by Coates (1968b).

  5. Lepidocyrtinus incertus Handschin, 1926
    Recorded by Womersley (1934).
    No chaetotaxy available, uncertain species.

  6. Pseudosira (Mesira) laeta Börner, 1908
    Recorded by Börner (1908).
    Close to Seira squamoornata (Scerbakow, 1898), uncertain species.

  7. Pseudosira nyassica v. pallens Börner, 1908
    Recorded by Börner (1908).
    No chaetotaxy available, uncertain species.

  8. Pseudosinella cf. candida Folsom, 1902
    Recorded by Yosii (1959)
    Kloof Nek
    Belongs to the genus Lepidocyrtus, misidentification. Species unplaceable without types.

  9. Seira pseudocoerulea (Denis)
    Lepidocyrtinus pseudocoeruleus Denis, 1924
    Seira pseudocoerulea (Denis, 1924)
    Recorded by Womersley (1934), Yosii (1959) from Skeleton Gorge.
    Uncertain identification.

  10. Sinella hofti Schäffer 1896.
    Sinella höfti Schäffer, 1896
    = Sinella coeca (Schött, 1896).
    Recorded by Goto (1953), Paclt (1959).


Barra, J.A. 1999. Un nouveau genre Capbrya avec deux nouvelles espèces de la Province du Cap (Rep. Sud Africaine) (Collembola : Entomobryidae). Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Entomologie, 69, 19-24.

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