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CV - Sukhmani Mantel


Brief CV for
Sukhmani Kaur Mantel
Institute for Water Research,
Old Geology Building, P.O. box 94
Rhodes University, Grahamstown 6140, South Africa
+27 (0)46 6224014, Email: s.mantel()ru.ac.za
Indian heritage by birth

Current position: RISE SA-Water Resources Network Secretariat; Research Officer
Current affiliation: Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University
Qualifications: 2004: PhD (Stream Ecology), The University of Hong Kong
1999: BSc (Environmental Science), The University of Hong Kong
1990: MSc (Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Systems design), New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
1988: BSc (Electrical Engineering), New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA


My current research is looking at the sustainability in water services delivery for a South African water board in a medium size catchment (which provides bulk water to East London and King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape) taking into account the impacts and uncertainty in future (2046-65) development and climate change. The uncertainty in future impacts of projected development (with 3 population and industry growth scenarios) and climate change (with 9 downscaled GCMs) was conducted through catchment level modelling for water use and availability using an off-the-shelf Water Evaluation and Assessment Planning (WEAP) model (developed by the Stockholm Environment Institute SEI). I am presently also involved in a SANPAD (Netherlands-South Africa bilateral funding) project on barriers to implementation of the South African water acts for sustainable development. My involvement is through the use of GIS as a tool for social mapping.

Starting from October 2008, I have been the secretariat for the Sub-Saharan Africa Water Resources Network (SSAWRN), one of five networks funded by the Carnegie Foundation of New York (Regional Initiative in Science and Education). The network aims at training postgraduate students in water resources science to increase the regional capacity for conducting high level research, improve the practice of water resources management and contribute to the development of faculty skills at universities within the region. The network consists of the IWR (Rhodes University), Okavango Research Institute (University of Botswana), Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (Makerere University, Uganda) and the Department of Geology (Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique). We have successfully received two phases of funding and we are presently applying for a third phase funding starting in 2014.

I came to South Africa as a Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow in 2006 in order to investigate aspects of river conservation in South Africa in the context of water quantity and quality impacts of small dams and I have published on the cumulative impacts of small dams. My Ph.D. in Stream Ecology focused on the ecology and biology of a predatory freshwater shrimp in Hong Kong streams. I have had a diverse set of work experiences related to conservation and development issues since completion of my PhD. I investigated the population dynamics, habitat usage and habitat requirements of water buffaloes in a freshwater wetland for a local NGO, Lantau Buffalo Association (Hong Kong). The project aimed at designing a plan for preservation of a sustainable population of feral water buffaloes in a wetland. Following this, as a Senior Research Officer in the Center for Urban Planning and Environmental Management (CUPEM, The University of Hong Kong) I investigated voluntary partnerships between environmental NGOs, government and businesses in Hong Kong. Another short-term project in CUPEM surveyed customers and restaurant owners for selection criteria of live reef fish in Hong Kong so as to recommend ways forward for conservation of live reef fishes in Southeast Asia. I have previously worked as an instructor for a US biomedical manufacturer (Picker International, Cleveland, Ohio) training field service engineers on MRI machines installed in hospitals and clinics.

Major publications are listed below:

Hughes D.A., S. Mantel and T. Mohobane (2013)
An assessment of the skill of downscaled GCM outputs in simulating historical patterns of rainfall variability in South Africa. Hydrology Research (in press). doi:10.2166/nh.2013.027.
Gordon A.K., S.K. Mantel and N.W.J. Muller (2012)
Review of toxicological effects caused by episodic stressor exposure. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31: 1169-1174.
Rivers-Moore N.A., S. Mantel and H.F. Dallas (2012)
Prediction of water temperature metrics using spatial modelling in the Eastern and Western Cape, South Africa. Water SA 38: 167-176.
Hughes D.A. and S.K. Mantel (2010)
Estimating uncertainties in simulations of natural and modified streamflow regimes in South Africa. Proceedings of the Sixth World FRIEND Conference, Fez, Morocco, October 2010. IAHS Publication 340: 358-364.
Hughes D.A. and S.K. Mantel (2010)
Estimating the uncertainty in the impacts of small farm dams on streamflow regimes in South Africa. Hydrological Sciences Journal 55: 578-592.
Mantel S.K., D.A. Hughes and W.J. Muller (2010)
Ecological impacts of small dams on South African rivers: I. Drivers of change - water quantity and quality. Water SA 36: 351-360.
Mantel S.K., W.J. Muller and D.A. Hughes (2010)
Ecological impacts of small dams on South African rivers: II. Biotic response - abundance and composition of macroinvertebrate communities. Water SA 36: 361-370.
Dudgeon D., F.K.W. Cheung and S.K. Mantel (2010)
Food-web structure in streams: do we need new models for the tropics? Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29:395-412.
Rivers-Moore N.A., D.A. Hughes, S.K. Mantel and T.R. Hill (2008)
First steps in the development of a water temperature model framework for refining the ecological Reserve in South African rivers. Water SA 34(5): 585-596.
Mantel S.K., D. Cheung, R. Welford and P. Hills (2007)
Cooperative business-NGO partnerships in Hong Kong: NGO perspective. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 6: 174-192.
Mantel S.K., D. Cheung, R. Welford and P. Hills (2007)
Cooperation for environmental reform: business-NGO partnerships in Hong Kong. Journal of Corporate Citizenship 27: 91-106.
Mantel S.K. and D. Dudgeon (2004)
Dietary variation in a predatory shrimp Macrobrachium hainanense (Palaemonidae) in Hong Kong forest streams. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 160: 305-328.
Mantel S.K. and D. Dudgeon (2004)
Effects of Macrobrachium hainanense predation on benthic community functioning in tropical Asian streams. Freshwater Biology 49: 1306-1319.
Mantel S.K. and D. Dudgeon (2004)
Growth and production of a tropical predatory shrimp, Macrobrachium hainanense (Palaemonidae), in two Hong Kong streams. Freshwater Biology 49: 1320-1336.
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