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Mission and Vision Statement

The Department of statistics mission is:

  • To produce graduates who have a sound knowledge of the major areas of statistical methodology, founded on rigourous theoretical principles which equip the graduate to acquire further knowledge and skills for the benefit of the country through own study.
  • To promote the use and knowledge of Statistics in all fields in which Statistics can contribute to a better understanding of scientific and social phenomena, and enhance the quality of decisions and conclusions made on the strength of the statistical approach.
  • To contribute to the body of fundamental statistical science through research.

In working towards fulfilling this mission, the Department of Statistics:

  • Offers a three-year sequence of courses in Statistics and Mathematical Statistics for students majoring in Mathematical Statistics, as well as courses towards course-work Honours and Masters degrees. The syllabuses for these courses and attendant practical work are state of the art at these levels.
  • Teaches service courses in the Faculties of Commerce ,Science and Pharmacy
  • The Department also offers a statistical consulting service to researchers in other Departments and Research Institutes within the University, and actively promotes collaborative research.
  • Encourages members of staff to engage in basic research in the discipline.

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