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Vigilance Against Crime

The Dean of Students office urges all students to take good care in terms of prevention of petty crime such a theft of cellphones and other personal items. The Head of Grahamstown Police indicated to the university authorities that a large amount of these types of crimes happen through pure negligence and would be preventable through basic vigilance. Please make a habit of keeping your belonging secured. There also has been a high incidence of arrests of student for shoplifting. In most cases students perform these acts simply as a prank. The consequences of this can be far-reaching for your future where for instance you may be barred from registering for a certain profession or you may be denied an international travel visa due to a criminal record. The police and the Courts will give no special treatment to Rhodes students.


Bi-annual Disciplinary Report 1st Semester 2012

Dear Students Please take a minute to read this summary of all cases heard by the Proctors at Rhodes during the past 6 months. As you will note, there are serious consequences for infringing the Students Disciplinary Code. Finalised Cases 1.Charged with two counts of fraud and two counts of theft. Found guilty on all charges. Penalty: permanent exclusion from RU and record to be endorsed “conduct unsatisfactory”.


Death of Student: Ntabiso Ncube

The University regrets to announce that Ntabiso Ncube, first year law student, was killed in a car accident in Harare (his home town) early Saturday morning. Ncube will be sorely missed by all who knew him. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Further details about a memorial service will be announced in due course.