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SRC Update

THE PEDRO ISSUE At the beginning of the year, former SRC Treasurer Mr. Pedro Mzileni had updated his Facebook status with an offensive post implicating the Dean of Students. The SRC released a press statement distancing itself from the status update given its non-affiliation with the Facebook post and by extension, the former councillor. This saw criticism by members of the Student Body and questioned the SRC?s stance regarding forms of discrimination. The SRC acknowledges the approach used and further extends its apologies to students that felt offended by the statement released. The SRC wishes to re-affirm its stance fervently against racism and all other forms of discrimination listed under Section 9 of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa. PURPLE THURSDAY Many of us know that Purple Thursday exists, but do not necessarily know what it is all about. It is certainly more than just handing out free cupcakes!


#xeNOphobia Twitter Tag

Thursday 24 May 2012 Say NO to xenophobia and yes to being welcoming to people from other places. Xenophobia may be defined as an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange. As part of the RU International Week, please encourage everyone to open their hearts and minds and say NO to xenophobia by tweeting and tagging #xeNOphobia on Thursday 24 May.


Super Stage videos are up!

Hello Super Crowd Funders, Now’s your turn to change the stats - and reverse the student drop-out rate directly! Check out the videos and invest your pocket change (anything from R25 and up) to help make the Super Idea you support a reality! Just follow these 3 easy steps: 1.See how it works: http://www.supernews.co.za/solve/crowd-fund/ 2.Click to view all Super Ideas & Crowd-Fund: http://www.supernews.co.za/super-stage/super-stage-2/ 3.Select the Super Idea you want to support and click ‘invest’ on the crowd-fund banner next to it (this takes you to a payment gateway where you can pay by cash (uKash), EFT, credit card or vouchers) Thank YOU for Making Ideas Happen! The Supernews Team