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Statistica Installation

Before you start:

Statistica doesn't like to have many versions installed on the same machine. Please remove any other versions first. You can check for old versions by going to the control panel (Start --> Control Panel) and running 'Add or Remove programs'. If you see Statistica in the list, click on it and then click 'Change'. When the installation program appears, click 'Remove'.


  1. Find Statistica from the Software page. 
  2. You will get a security warning (Windows confirming if you want to run this program), click 'Run' to proceed. 
  3. You should see the Statistica installation program. Click 'Next', agree to the license and follow the 'Next' buttons through the installation. 
  4. You will be asked if you want the multimedia overviews to your computer, unless you want to look at these it shouldn't be ncessary, click "Yes" or "No" to continue. 
  5. You also get to decide if you want a desktop icon, normally you would click Yes (you can always delete it later). 
  6. Click 'Install' to get things going. 
  7. The installation will let you know when it's done. You can now run Statistica.

Last Modified :Tue, 08 Mar 2016 22:35:09 SAST