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On occasion students leave our network part way through the year for one reason or another (for example, international students here for a semester, students who are excluded after failing exams, are rusticated, fail to pay their fees, have a computer stolen, etc). When they leave they often ask for a pro rata refund of any Student Networking fees they've paid.

The terms and conditions of the Student Networking service address this situation directly. As of 2013, the only additional fees we levy are for the privilege of connecting to the University's network from off-campus accommodation.  These charges become due the instant you connect from such a location, and are levied once per academic year irrespective of how long you actually utilise the network from such a network. (You pay the same amount whether you use the network for five minutes or the entire academic year.)

As a result we do not offer refunds on these fees whatever the circumstances.

Last Modified: Wed, 31 May 2017 12:39:05 SAST