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Oppidan Alternatives

Unfortunately, for the most part, the Student Network does not extend to students living in a digs or in town.  If you're an oppidan student living off-campus, then you will probably need to make use of one of the commercial Internet Service Providers in town to get Internet access. That said, once you've got your digs connected, you'll find that most of the core services of the University (library resources, e-mail, RU connected, etc) are accessible via the Internet from your digs (or from anywhere else in the world for that matter).

Students often ask us where they can get Internet access from, and who the ISPs in town are. This page is intended to answer that question by providing a (possibly incomplete) directory of commercial Internet offerings available to students living in digs in Grahamstown. Below you'll find a summary of what's available in town, and how to get hold of the various companies involved:

ProviderSummary of OfferingsContact Details
@Lantic Dial-up to ADSL & 3G contracts plus setup.
Assist setting up your Mobile phone as a modem.
Email abmon@abmon.co.za, phone 046 622 4611, or visit their offices (ABM Office National, 28 New Street).
Cell C/MTN/Virgin Mobile/Vodacom All the cellular providers offer data packages (HSDPA/3G/GPRS) of various descriptions. The cost depends on exactly what package you take, and it pays to shop around. In general, however, they're based on a pay-per-megabyte model with the cost per megabyte dependent on your package. Look on their web sites for more details. The following are just some of the authorized agents in town:
  • MTN shop (6 Peppergrove Mall, 046 603 5373)
  • Nashua Mobile (15 New Street, 046 622 9666)
  • Videotronic (73 High Street, 046 622 7119)
GEEnet GEEnet is a local Wireless Internet Service Provider with coverage of most of Grahamstown. They can also provide ADSL, and provide Internet access to some flat complexes. Oracle ITS (118 High Street, 046 622 5544).
Imaginet Internet Services Imaginet offer dial-up and ADSL solutions, either as month-to-month or 12 month contracts (the latter can allow you to pay off the costs of an ADSL router over the year). They have a number of options aimed specifically at the student market, such as the ability to purchase separate caps for each user in a digs. E-mail info@imaginet.co.za, phone 086 111 1101, or see their web page for more contact details.
Insight Technologies Insight Tech help students with ADSL installations, and provide Internet access to some flat complexes. Insight Technologies (10 Peppergrove Mall, 046 622 4655)
IT Solutions IT Solutions is a local Grahamstown IT company. They supply Internet services to students, will assist landlords with installation of a Telkom ADSL service, help students connect onto the service, and can supply prepaid vouchers/bundles on a per-user basis. Email info@itsnet.co.za, phone 046 622 3020, or visit their office (18 African St).
Skyrove Skyrove is a wireless ISP offering WiFi hot-spot coverage at a number of large flat complexes in town. (They don't cover the whole town, but if your complex isn't on the list contact Insight Tech and they'll consider adding it.) Usage is predominately pay-per-megabyte, with various bundles available. In Grahamstown, Skyrove is operated by Insight Technologies (see above).
Telkom SA Telkom provide telephone and ADSL services. Although they don't have any student- or Grahamstown- specific options, their Do Broadband packages bundle together all the components you need for ADSL into a single package (and bill) which is convenient for some. There are various options available, see their web page for more details. Phone 10210 / 0800 375 375 or order online. Unfortunately Telkom's office in Grahamstown moved to Port Alfred in 2011.


Note that this list does not signify endorsement of any of the listed providers by the University or the Information Technology Division. It is simply provided for informational purposes to help you make an informed decision. At the end of the day, you'll be spending your money on Internet access, and so you need to make the right decision for you. It does pay to shop around.

You might also like to consider talking to your landlord about whether they're willing to split the costs of Internet access. An increasingly common model for ADSL in student digs has the landlord paying for the phone line rental and the ADSL connection fee (fixed monthly costs) as part of the lease, and the students paying for their phone calls and Internet usage through an ISP (variable cost). There are several ISPs in town who may be able to facilitate this.

If you're an ISP who has an office in Grahamstown, offers Internet services to staff and students, and isn't listed above, please let us know and we'll add you.

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