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Multiple Devices

At present the Student Network makes provision for each student to make use of:

  • One wired device (laptop or desktop in a residence room)
  • Any number of wireless devices on the eduroam wireless network

It is currently not possible to register more than one wired device in your room, however there are ways to work around this limitation.  

Whilst you may make use of any number of wireless devices at hotspots on campus, we may limit the number that you may connect concurrently (i.e. you can make use of any number of different devices at different times but you may only use two of them together at any one time).

Wireless coverage in residences is currently limited to common rooms.  Note that it is not permissible to connect a wireless router or access point (e.g. an AirPort or Connectify) to a wired network point. There are sound technical reasons for this, so please don't try. You are likely to break things for everyone else.

Last Modified: Wed, 31 May 2017 12:38:08 SAST